Age & Gender Recognition Demo

This is the web demo for the 128x128 version of the neural network for age and gender recognition. It is optimized for speed and is the best choice for use in desktop applications or edge devices. For applications on the cloud it is better to use the 224x224 version.


  • Age range: 0 - 100 (in one-year intervals)
  • Genders: male, female
  • Minimum face size: 30x30 pixels
  • Gender Recognition Accuracy: 98.1%
  • Age Estimation Mean Absolute Error: 5.8 years
  • Speed: 35 milliseconds on Intel Core i5 CPU

128x128 Model Benchmark

Company Gender prediction accuracy (%) Age estimation mean absolute error (in years)
Spectrico 98.1% 5.8
Microsoft 96.9% 8.5
Skybiometry 92.9% 7.2
Sighthound 91.1% 8.1
Eyedea 90.7% 8.0
VisageCloud 91.1% 9.1

We provide free REST API for testing. If you want to evaluate our classifier, we will give you access to the server and the API protocol.

The age&gender classifier can be used with OpenCV library on both Windows and Linux.

128x128 Model Pricing

Type Price Number of Devices Time and usage limitations
Personal €2000 1-9 devices None
Pro €4000 10-50 devices None
OEM €10000 unlimited number of devices None

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